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At daffodils, you will get the top and trustworthy anesthetist. Accurate procedures are provided for numbing with proper care and safety at our Hospital. Our anesthesiologists in an operating room administer the anesthetic and are responsible for the ongoing, and overall well-being of the patient throughout the operation.


Anesthesiology is the medical process of taking total care of a patient before, during, and after surgery. An anesthetist is a specialist well skilled at providing anesthesia to a patient who will undergo a procedure or surgery. Anesthetists also have to look after the pain management and take intensive care of the patient.

Their work involves understanding the patient’s needs and also discussing with the surgical team. They have to then decide what sort of anesthesia will be appropriate for the patient. They provide routine checks and preparation on the day of the operation.

After an operation, the anesthetist is responsible for the recovery of the patient.


An anesthesia technician, often called an anesthesia tech, is a key member of the perioperative team. An anesthesia tech oversees and masters all of the anesthetic equipment the perioperative team uses – from ultrasound machines to monitors that display critical information about the progress of the procedure – and manages the safekeeping, maintenance, and troubleshooting of these technologies. An anesthesia tech is vital in improving anesthesia care by ensuring all of our cutting-edge technology, equipment, and instruments are up-to-date and working soundly.

You will be given specific instructions about eating and drinking by the nurse who contacts you the day before your surgery. You should refrain from eating at least eight hours before your scheduled procedure to reduce side effects related to an aspiration. An aspiration is when stomach contents are expelled into the lungs and can cause significant damage. You can protect yourself from an aspiration by carefully following preoperative instructions regarding food and drink.

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